No, I'm not an environmentalist wacko.  I don't go home and hug the tree in my front yard by any means.  But I noticed this morning all of these stories in one news update, and I just had to react to it! Am I dreaming here or is this proof that we are ruining this big ball of gas we call the planet? Check this out! These stories are just from this morning's news (8/25):

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is getting bigger- There's a large patch of crap floating between California and Hawaii and it's even bigger than scientists ever could believe is possible.  It's the size of Texas, for God's sake.

Whales Dying In Alaska - Dozens of them.  Noone knows why.  Huh??  It's that mysterious? That's scary enough.

Thousands of dead fish washing up very close to that warehouse in China that exploded!


And last, but certainly not least, 4 miles of a Waikiki beach was shut down after 500,000 gallons of "you know what" came flying out of manholes and into the beautiful Pacific.

There you go. Add that to the stock market news, and you've got yourselves the makings of a little Armageddon going on here.  Have a nice day!