Don't you just hate that feeling that you forgot something?  You just left for your vacation that you've been saving up for all year and you're just sure you left something at home.

It's a pretty irrational fear in 2015.

Because, unless you're going to Antarctica, or a barren wilderness you can always buy a replacement once you're there!

A new survey found the top 10 things people forget to pack.  Here they are -

1.  A phone or computer charger.


2.  Sunscreen.


3.  A camera . . . which is even weirder.


4.  Toiletries.


5.  Medications.


6.  Sandals.


7.  Your driver's license.


8.  Money.


9.  Travel insurance forms.


10.  Your passport.

The survey also found 1% of people have gotten to the airport and realized they forgot to bring their suitcase. No way!!!  That can't be right!

What's the worse thing you forgot?