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Meet The Quick and The Dead!

Your Name: Joe Mansman
Title: Singer

Q: Who are the members of your band and where are they from?

A: The Band is comprised of Myself (Joe) and i am from Lake George, my brother Alex Mansman who is from Fort Edward, Chris Becker from Glens Falls and Paul Guay from Queensbury.

Q: How and when did the group come together?

A: We came together last January through some networking in the local music scene. Alex and i have been writing music together for about ten years now and have played in band's together before. When we started this project, we had a batch of songs that we showed Chris who we knew through mutual friends, and Chris in turn had played in several bands with Paul and recommended him to replace a friend of ours who played drums on our record.

Q: What do you consider as your group's career highlight?

A: So far, no big highlights haha. We're fairly new around here and are just paying our dues. We just released an EP that we are very proud of, and people who have seen us play will tell you we are passionate about our songs and play our hearts out no matter what.

Q: How would you describe your bands sound and image?

A: We don't consider ourselves fundamental country, nor simply rock. We incorporate elements of country music because we love it, but we are equally as much of a pop/rock group with a little bit of a bluesy undertone. As far as our image, we're plain Dick and Jane working class stiffs who promote fun, youth, friendship, laughter, and easy going humor.

Q: How did your group decide on it's name?

A: We're fans of spaghetti westerns and gun slinger country, and Sam Elliot's original classic has always been on the backburner for a solid band name.