This is exciting! Everyone loves a secret right? Even I enjoy trying to figure out a good mystery, but you have to have some facts before you get going with any good mystery. Will will be giving you just that  tomorrow morning at 7:20 a.m.

I can't really reveal too much right here, but I think I can safely say that this will be a "jamming" announcement and that will be very hard to keep "secret."

I know, now you are thinking we are going to be telling you that there will indeed be another "Secret Star Acoustic Jam" and maybe even let you know when and where it will be. I can't verify that for you right now but it does make me want to ask you a question. If we are indeed going to do another Secret Star Jam, who do you think will be there?

I know some of you out there will be saying names like Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and even Reba but you know that is not how this works. So let's be real and be honest with each other: what up-and-coming or fairly new artists would you like to see? What if it were three or four artists who maybe at least had one No. 1 song to their names but still willing to give up a night on tour making a ton of money just to hang out with WGNA—then who would you think it to be? You know I am going to need your help figuring it out.

That is IF it is what we are announcing tomorrow morning, maybe it is something completely different. I'm not sure because's a secret.