Four of our listeners are headed to Glens Falls Civic Center on Thursday to sing for Billy Currington, and one of the four will get to sing 'Party For Two' on stage with him at the show!

Yesterday we had you call in and sing for us for a chance to party backstage with Billy. We narrowed it down to six contestants, and we had you decide which four get to go to the show.

Jill, Demi, Jennifer, Nikki, Dianne and Jenna gave it their best shots yesterday, singing a wide array of songs, but only four will be attending Billy's show. After tallying your votes, those four are: Jill, Nikki, Dianne and Jenna. If you're heading to the show on Thursday, you'll find out which one Billy picks!

If you missed yesterday's auditions, you can check them out here.

Here's the song our winner will be singing: