Ever watch the show "Hoarders"?  Where the people live amongst their belongings-sometimes to the point where they have to move out because the belongings have taken over their abode?   I can relate to it.  Well, in a way, I can relate! (Wow-what a thing to admit!)   Let me qualify that statement.  I'm a digital hoarder.  I keep photos, videos, you name it.  I never thought it would come in handy until we started this little "storytelling" thing we do here every day.   And since WGNA's Countryfest is fast approaching (we announce the lineup this week!), I thought I would dig into my virtual pile of photos and see what memories I can bring to the surface.

I thought I would make it a kind of trivia contest to see who the diehard Countryfest attendees are out there..

This particular year featured a great friend of the show, and a true talent: Steve (I never age) Azar. A super nice guy, BTW.  Then there was one of my all-time favorite Country groups.  Harmonies TO DIE FOR.  Great performers.  A ton of hits.  Unfortunately, they've broken up.  Here's a shot I took of the lead singer Richie McDonald  who was a hell of a nice guy and actually came on our show and played "Amazed" on MY KEYBOARD.  The band of course was the great LONESTAR.

(I only allow people named Richie to play my keyboard--I'm kinda weird that way)

Now another person on the bill that year was a "classic country" act.  Fabulous fiddle player, and a thrill to have on our Countryfest stage.  I don't really have any back story for him.  Didn't get much of a chance to meet him.  I was probably too busy staring at Sarah Evans.  Here she is, by the way, conversing away backstage.

(Sorry, my mind just wandered there--kind of like what happens on the show--).  But as I was saying, we had a country music icon with us that year.  He can play like the devil, but I'm not sure if he's from Georgia or not.  Yes--Charlie freeeekin' Daniels was here!

I have alot more shots from this year, but we'll leave it at that.  Do you remember what year?  And better yet, do you have a tee-shirt from that year?   There are no prizes for this, by the way, but you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are a true Countryfest Diehard. And really--isn't that enough??