Yesterday, we told you about area soldier Michael DeMarsico, who tragically passed away while in action in Afghanistan. Now, the Westboro Baptist Church has issued a press release stating their intentions to intrude on the funeral of DeMarsico in North Adams, MA.

In a news release by the "Church," they said "military funerals have become pagan orgies of idolatrous blasphemy where they pray to the dunghill gods of Sodom & play taps to a fallen fool," along with their intentions to preach that message at DeMarsico's funeral.

First of all, the above quote doesn't strike me as news, yet it's on a news release. You know the lines of reality have been blurred for a group when their idea of news is their opinion thrust onto a screen.

Luckily, there are some good people in the area hoping to help protect the DeMarsicos from the attacks of the group. A Facebook event page has been created to set up a meeting place for people to shield the family from the "church." They won't be inciting any violence, but will be fighting hate speech with peaceful protection. You can find the event page here.

The funeral is scheduled for Saturday, September 1 at 10:15 a.m. on Main Street in North Adams.

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