First and foremost, thanks to all who wrote in from West Sand Lake. As one Facebook friend mentioned, I think I had more contributors than there are citizens of the entire town!

words and music ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

West Sand Lake is a pretty little place. I recently DJ a private party there at the West Sand Lake Firehouse. Even that is a really nice, quaint, small-town atmosphere to it.  In fact, another Facebook friend from my hometown on Eastern Long Island thought that it reminded her of where WE grew up.  Ok, enough nostalgia.  Let's get to the song, shall we?

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 West Sand Lake Part 1  Lyrics
©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
Right now it don't bother me in the lease
to get on i90 and then head east
take the toyota mosey up the hill
to a place once known as Ulinesville
It's got a hometown Diner that beats all the rest
a place of picnics Porches and Progress
and I hear none in the town is wiser
than Flora Fasold -town supervisor
West Sand Lake
if you're smart
you can eat king crab at uncle marty
Hannaford's there but I am sure
that was once Miller's grocery store
When you drive near town
you're sure to travel
right past Troy sand and gravel
have you ever heard of the 43 mall
damn I blinked and I missed it all
I had to look hard to find a pub
but I did walk into Dobys subs
darn good school
for you sons and daughters
most famous spot in town
the 4 corners
who resides here Kenny Tremont
I thought he lived in Vermont
wait a minute is this true
Jerry Lewis worked here too
And Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt,
Hung out at the crooked Lake Hotel
I'm running out of time to tell you all the rest
West sand lake
Here's the score
Don't have a police force anymore
Sounds like an upstate Mayberry
                                        This was your song from Rhymin Richie
                                           With enough info for parts two and three