This is very interesting.  The movie is called 50 shades of gray, but how many shades can the average person really see anyway?  These things keep me up at nite, so I did a little investigating

According to Popular, the average human being can really only see 30 shades of gray, but we can see 10 million unique colors.  I thought this was interesting. They did this study in relation to research about E ink (you know, the ink that is seen on Kindles)

Here's one shade of gray from the side of my keyboard.  It's my favorite shade, by the way.

photo by Richie

This blog is very random, but it's Friday, it's freezing cold and I am out of ideas today.  I apologize for this post in advance.  I'm sure you're seeing 50 shades of red at how I wasted your time.   I'm ashamed.