It might not be a nation or state holiday, but it may be a reason to take the day off. It’s national potato chip day. This hits close to home since the potato chip was invented in Saratoga Springs in 1853. George Crum was a chef for an elegant restaurant who got annoyed with a guest that complained about the French fries that he made and sent them back. He rebelled by making them too thin and crisp to eat with a fork. The guest actually liked the new fries. Some other diners started to request his potato chips. As they say the rest is history.

So in honor of national potato chip day, here’s a flavorful list of potato chips. Don’t forget the onion dip. Let the crunching begin.


5) Salt and vinegar

Not one of my favorites. My wife, Linda likes these.

4) Chile lime

These are tangy chips. Make sure you have a cold drink ready.

3) Plain potato chips

They’re basic, but I like them. They’re at almost every party. These can be the wavy type, too.

2) Onion and sour crEAm

These have really good flavor. One of my personal favorites.

1) Barbecue

This is my favorite flavor for chips.


For some added flavor, check the classic Lays potato chip tv commercial

There are a lot of different flavors. Remember, we're only talking about potato chips. Which flavor potato chips do you like?