It's always unfortunate to see people trip up on the air, be it on television or radio.  (How about that guy who cursed on his first newscast?)  Well this poor guy couldn't help it.  He had the hiccups.

His name is David Paul. He does the weather on a TV station in Houston, Texas, but he is now a national superstar, thanks to YouTube.  This went viral and got hundreds of thousands of hits. I guess there's nothing more to say here except that I feel bad for him.  Seems like you can't do anything anymore without the world finding out (in an instant, no less).  Here's the video

Actually, one of my most embarrassing moments on radio was my first week, and it involved a weatherman.  Newschannel 13's Bob Kovachick had just given the forecast, and at the conclusion I went to ask him a followup question.  My partner at the time (Uncle Fred -remember him?) was nervously shaking his head "no" - trying to give me the signal not to say anything.  I persisted, but he quickly took us into a commercial break.  We took the headphones off, and he burst out laughing.  "Richie", he said, "Bob was on TAPE".  It was a recording!

Thank God there was no social media back then, or I might STILL be red faced.