Remember this great catchphrase from the classic TV show "Friends"?. Well, that became the starting point for this week's group writing assignment.. 

There was a lot of input by you folks (as per usual), and we appreciate it.  Somehow, someway it jelled really well, so thank you all!

Here were the ideas from your phone calls

And now, the final creation:

We were on a break

So I  went on a lot of dates

the night got kind of crazy
 the memories are hazy
we got caught in the car
(i swear) it didn't go that far
until you opened the door ...and screamed….
 we were on a break
we were on a break
Now Bethany wants details
yea she wants the dirt
do i want to tell you on the  radio
and watch you all go berserk
that would be a mistake
plus -- we were on a break