Have you ever been?  We kept seeing ads for it, but never tried it.  Not until last weekend.  What a blast!

It's a trolley!  It's a boat!  Your both right!  And I'm talking to myself which is even more scary.  But yes, it's the ever popular Albany Aqua Ducks.  Captain Harry VanWormer and a very enthusiastic tour guide took us first thru the city of Albany and gave some great information.

We passed the obvious places, like the Palace Theatre, which gave me a very cocky attitude at first, like "I know this stuff-what can they possibly show me that I don't know about the city?"

But then she passed this little place that was next to McGeary's and said over the loudspeaker, "Did you know that Herman Melville stayed here while working on Moby Dick?"  I never knew that!

Did you know that there's a really nice Veteran's Memorial downtown near the Empire State Plaza?  Never saw that before either!

How about the Eternal Flame symbolizing a light that guides missing people home in the area?  I guess that's been here for years. (although the flame is out!- Budget cuts?)

Did you know that they are renovating the classic Wellington Hotel, but are gutting just the inside of it  to make sure that the exterior has the same look when they rebuild it .  Fascinating!

She mentioned something very interesting when passing the Governor's Mansion.  There have been 4 NY Governors who became President.  Can you name them?   A-hah!  Gotcha!

Answers:  Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Van Buren and Grover Cleveland.  Remember that-we may ask it some morning!

After it tours the city, the duck makes it's way into the Hudson River.   I have a little video clip of that which I will post once I edit it.   But if you want more info about Aqua Ducks, you can all 462-DUCK or check out the website at proboat30@yahoo.com.   Definitely worth it!