They've been working on this for almost a decade, they haven't gotten anywhere. The Capital of New York State STILL has NO  New York State convention center, and it may not get one! 

According to the there's a darn good chance it's never going to happen, especially with the current economic "state of the state".   According to the article

Facing a looming $1 billion deficit that is expected to grow thanks to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the state is likely to have more immediate concerns in the coming years. A convention center in Albany seems like a luxury when compared to the reconstruction and storm preparation needed in the five boroughs.


Yea, that's true.  Sandy was devastating, and they get top priority right now.  But now we're NEVER getting one?

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Having one here could bring MONEY to the area.   Those conventioneers eat in restaurants.  They stay in hotels.  They shop!  The go to malls in the area.  Don't you agree?  THIS IS THE CAPITAL OF THE STATE!

Plus, I LOVE performing at conferences.  Have done so for many years.  Kevin Richards and I have actually put together an entire package for conferences coming to the area.  We love playing the Saratoga Conference Center, but we'd love to perform downtown as well.

LET'S lead a March on Albany to build that  DARN CONFERENCE CENTER!!!