I don't need to tell you we've had our share of tragedy this year locally and nationally.  I've always used laughter as medicine, and I hope to give you a dose of it right now.  Who wouldn't laugh at a talking parrot?  This one is totally amazing

This isn't your daddy's Einstein.  This, my friend is an Einstein of a different kind, but just as smart.  This is Einstein , the talking parrot.

This parrot was in the Knoxville Zoo, apparently, and someone sent me the YouTube clip.  "Must be a slow news day, huh Richie?", I hear you say.  No, not at all.  I think this parrot is definitely a cut above the typical "Polly want a cracker" parrots.  This one does the sound of an owl, a pig, a chimpanzee, he yawns, gets frustrated (maybe he was watching reruns of the Presidential debates)
OK, enough blabber.  Here he is.
Hope you got a charge out of this.  I don't know about you,but  I'm praying for a slow new day once in awhile