A local winery is trying to get Upstate NY designated as a wine region.

According to News 10, New York currently has four wine regions, but the Capital Region is not included in any of them. So local wineries are working on having Upstate New York designated as the Upper Hudson wine region. Federally designated wine regions allow growers to indicate on their labels where their vines of grapes are grown.

News 10 spoke with Andrew Weber owns Northern Cross Vineyard in Easton, who has submitted a petition with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to designate the new wine region. News 10 says the designation should take place by 2017.

I knew craft beers were huge in Upstate New York, but being new to the area I never knew wine was such a big thing up here. I feel so sophisticated now, living in a potential wine region. I hope no one will think less of me for all the Boone's I have consumed over the years. Happy wine sipping!!