I thought long and hard about the last iPhone post I wrote, hyping all of Apple's latest and not everyone can afford a new iPhone. The economy isn't THAT great - let's face it. So for those who haven't drank this year's Apple KoolAid, let's think of some ways to give your phone new life. 

Here's a few things to do, but make sure you backup your device first (and I will say that I take no responsibility if for some reason you screw something up,but it should if you back up!)

Now - wipe that device by going to Settings-General-Reset-Erase.   That wipes it nice and clean.

photo by Richie

Then restore from your backup and you should be set to go.  You can also pick and choose what apps to put back on so you don't bloat your system..

It will definitely make things more snappy.  I really have to do this myself. But then again, why should I—I just ordered a new one (how hypocritical am I?)