The Great American Office Cubicle.  We all have 'em.  Don't ya just love them?  Didn't think so.    Don't you feel like a rat in a maze?  There are some offices with 1000 of them or more.  In fact (this isn't funny)  sometimes you can lose an employee and not know that they actually DIED in one of them the day before, according to

But let's not bring the party down here.  Let's celebrate the cubicle.  Might as well!  We spend probably 1/4 of our lives in one.

This is just one cubicle in the Sean and Richie Show offices.  We're all in various states of disarray.  That's to be expected.  (Hey-if you want to find a busy worker, look for the messy desk, right?)  There are many more in our Townsquare Media offices here in Schenectady, NY,  decorated in various and sundry ways.  

 But we need to make cubicles more--festive, agreed?  Then again, I think some other people have beaten us to it.  Check out these cubicles that got "spruced up" by fellow workers.  Hysterical!

Now THAT, my friends, is a creative use of company time!!!    I wonder if some of these people are now visiting a different cubicle--at the "Job Temps'' office!

 (And while we're on the subject of cubicles, I thought I'd include a musical tribute that I did a couple of years back, featuring some WGNA workers saying hello from their actual cubicles --I like to keep it real!!)  

Hope you enjoyed this little break from your day in your cubicle.  Please tell  the person in the next one over  to please listen to the Sean and Richie Show weekday mornings from 5:30am-10:00??  Thanks!!!