There are actors who do their own stunts, and this isn't even the first time Tom Cruise has done it but he may have gone past wanting things to look real straight to crazy.

In his latest  movie, "Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, one of the stunts has him hanging on the outside of a jet plane while it takes off, clearly you want to use CGI to make this work, hey everyone's got a green screen right? Not Tom Cruise, he is either gone completely off the deep end or he is just a bad ass.

Not only does this film not make use of computer generated imagery, they didn't even use a stunt man for one of the most dangerous stunts in the movie. The scenes calls for Tom Cruise's character to jump on a plane as it takes off and gain access while it is airborne at least that's what it looks like to me. Now there are straps involved in the stunt but I have to be honest, I don't think when I got that far off the ground with all that G Force  in my face if I'd be as trusting as Tom with the use of straps.

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