So I come across this video and it's this bald guy with a muscle shirt and tattoos, you know the guy you expect to always keep his emotions in check. a "tough guy". It seems it is his birthday and judging by the coffee in his hand and that he is sitting on the bed the guy probably just got up and his wife wants to give him his present. Really? You cant wait AND you want to film it? This must be a great present,maybe its the iWatch he has been wanting?

You may have figured out by now what the actual birthday present is but that wont ruin the video for you at all. This guy's pure genuine emotional response to his present is worth watching over and over. I don't care who you are you will relate and be a little touched by his raw response.

I also like that maybe just maybe when you first saw the guy you couldn't imagine him reacting like this and maybe just maybe it reminds a few people that , you really cant judge a person by how they look. Enjoy.