I have one of the best news stories I have ever seen to share with you today. Is it the greatest of all time? Probably not there really are some great ones out there, Like the one in the photo (right) I have to admit I'd like to know how this news van caught on fire! The  story we are going to see today however, has quite a few of the essential elements to put it in the running.

So, what makes this story great? I think I can explain it best with a quick checklist of things I think a great story should have and we can see how many elements it covers.

1. A very inexperienced reporter. Check

2. A guy in the background who looks like he should be on "cops".  Check

3. Emergency vehicles present for the on scene camera shots. Check

4. The reporter has a lisp or some trouble with pronunciation. Check

5. A redneck who overshares or  something completely dumb and unbelievable. Check

6. Incest. Check

I could go on and on but really I'm sure you really want to see the story for yourself, all I can say is trust me it is worth it , even if when its over you wish you had a lot more details about the lives of the people involved. Perhaps, you can write your own story.