Have you ever wanted to go back to the house you grew up in? Have you ever wanted to relive your first date with your spouse? These things are impossible but sometimes, when you least expect it, something brings you back in time on such an emotional level you almost feel like you are there.

Yesterday while we were visiting the University at Albany for College Week on 'GNA, that very thing happened to me.

I want to be clear that I am in no way "busting" on the college radio station when I say things like "old school." It is very common that small market and college radio stations are usually not as "up to date" as larger commercial stations. And U of A's station was pretty good in comparison to most. I guess I just wasn't thinking about that before we went in.

Seeing the posts on the wall, the daily formats written on index cards, the ideas and creativity of the young, hungry future broadcasters really did inspire me. It reminds me of something I just read about David Letterman talking about the early days of his "Late Night Show." He said it was almost a good thing that they didn't have much to work with and had restrictions on what they could or couldn't do because it forced them to be creative and "think out of the box."

As I watch this video over and over I just can't help but wonder if these kids really know how lucky they are.

I know it is a very personal thing, and maybe you won't get why I got so excited by it, but I think when you watch the video you can actually see and maybe even share in my genuine excitement. Maybe it will trigger a memory or feeling that you have been missing for so long you don't even know you miss it.

If you could, what time in your life would you like to "go back to," if only for a minute?