So every once in a while we get really bad ideas and one of us talks the other out of it. This time we just ran with it and you wind up the winners.

Last Thursday, Bethany mentioned this guy online who sat down and wrote a letter to his drunk self. In the letter he gave advice like, "don't dance," or, "While at the moment you think you are smart enough to comment on everything, you are no.t" You get the idea. So Bethany suggested that we do the same thing and perhaps read our letters on the air. THAT was the good idea.

It went south when I then said, "No, how about we get drunk and write letters to our sober selves, but instead of writing we just put it all on video!"

I can't say it was really a BAD idea because really, it's funny. What wasn't funny was that we did it on a Thursday night and had to work the next morning...UGH!

SO here you go, here is the result of our experiment. I don't know if it has intellectual value but hey, it's funny.

Part 1

And here is part 2