Did you happen to see this article in the Times Union?  There were some crafty pick pockets out there.  Could there be more? 

According to the article, these guys from Philadelphia diverted shoppers' attention and then others in their group reached into womens' purses and "5 fingered" their wallets.

I guess one incident was at Joanne Fabrics in Colonie and another at the Dollar Tree Store in Clifton Park..

photo by Richie

it's amazing that they would have the  skill to actually reach into a purse without the person feeling it, but I guess it's possible.

How do you prevent it?  How about a mousetrap! Line your purse with crazy glue!  Seriously, I guess all you can do is be vigilant and keep your stuff within your field of vision!

If you've been victimized or know someone, call the police at 383-8583.