I'm not gonna lie to ya, this is a day late. My apologies for not getting the monologue posted yesterday. I know that 3 or 4 of you actually like to log on and listen. I thought about just not posting it at all but it turns out , I like a couple of the jokes, especially the last one. So, without further adieu, here is what we covered in the Sean and Richie Show monologue yesterday.

  • Did Osama Bin Laden celebrate 4/20?
  • We talk about the photo of The president in the situation room at the White House during the raid.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is single again.
  • Jaden Smith is a Millionaire.
  • Why is TV ownership down in America?
  • Mike Huckabee has angered Jewish leaders.
  • And the Nissan Mini-van is the new taxi choice in N.Y.C.

All this and more bundled up in this nice little monologue for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

God Bless.