Ok, get your minds out of the gutter, people.  That's not what I'm referring to.  Please read on, however.  It's important to your well-being.

According to MANY sources, they are saying that we check our emails way too much.  Amazingly enough when I think back to this morning, the very first thing I did was ….CHECK MY EMAIL!

Do you do the same?  Well, according to lifehacker.com, you end up getting distracted by all the different people asking for various things. You never get started on any one thing.  They tell you to work 45 minutes or so on one project- get SOMETHING accomplished - THEN check your emails.

Actually, I think going on Facebook and Twitter and social media first thing in the morning is WAY more counterproductive than checking email, but I guess I'm guilty of all three, come to think of it.  Do you do the same?

Is why America is so far behind the rest of the world in productivity?  If that's all it takes to be number one again then SHUT OFF YOUR PHONES NOW!!!!