People are falling for this in droves.  Don't be a victim of this latest nasty attempt to take your hard earned money.

It happened in Johnson City, Indiana, but others are complaining around the country too.  I wouldn't want it to happen to you.  According to, this woman got a Facebook message from a person she hadn't heard from in awhile.  She was told she won $30,000 on a special lottery  that they had.

She wrote back to the guy, and he assured her that it was on the up and up.  When she went to the page and "liked it", she got a message back saying that she definitely won the cash plus a laptop, but had to send $850 in a "money gram" to cover the taxes.

Of course, she sent the money!

OK, there was the red flag for me right there. (Not 'cuz I'm that smart or anything - it's 'cuz it ALMOST happened to me once).


You never, EVER send money via Western Union or Moneygram.  Anyone can just cash it.  Also you never pay taxes or any fees in advance of getting your money.  The REAL lottery doesn't even work that way.

Be careful, folks.  There are much better ways to part with your money