The frenzy has already begun for this new iPhone on steroids - the iPhone 6 plus ( the one with the 5.7" screen).  People are pre-ordering like mad.  But some of you out there may be a little too impatient to wait.  There is a way to get at the "head of the line", but you might experience sticker shock.  

According to, the scalpers are licking their chops and waiting for their next unsuspecting prey.  They jumped right on the Apple website, got their orders in, and are now auctioning off their "space in line".

Here's an actual item from  Get ready to scratch your heads in amazement.


And people are BIDDING on these!    Now think about this.  Where I grew up, there used to be 3,000 permanent residents.  For that money,  you could now buy last year's model, the 5c, for every one of those residents and still have 75 phones left.  Chew on that for awhile!

Have you pre-ordered yet?  Will you buy one -even at the normal price?  Would love to hear…