Before I even get started here, many thanks to all of the Mechanicville folks who gave me a TON of information for last week's "Your Town Thursday" song.  I received lists of facts, photos, funny stuff, serious stuff- I had too much to work with, and that's the best problem to have.  Ok, now on to the next great town!

A Facebook friend picked this one for me to do.  Thanks to JoAnn Baldwin Henges for this idea.  Ok, that's done.

I think I might need a little more than that to do a song though!  Just sayin' !  Where IS it exactly, you ask?

Great.  We've established that!  Now I need your input.  What's good about your town?  What's unique?  What is it known for?  Any funny facts?  Well known people who came from there?  The more the merrier, as I've said.  You can leave info at the bottom of the blog or email me at  (I'll even take song suggestions if you've got one)

P.S.   A sampler of past songs can be found by typing "Your Town Thursday" into the search area at