A startup based out of Troy is launching a new feature this week that'll allow Facebook to become virtual reality!

The company, SpaceoutVr, Inc is about to take our personal Facebook photographs and allow us a virtual reality experience with them.

The company released a trial version for VISION.VR users to demo the app, which would allow them to log into Facebook and browse their photos in a virtual reality setting. The photos are displayed on a billboard with a 360 degree view, which is much different from what have grown accustomed to via social media.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A Facebook Software Developer Kit was utilized in the production of the application in which Facebook has observed, tested and approved.

To download the app and try it out, go to your Apple App Store and search: Spaceout.VR or visit their website: http://www.spaceoutvr.com.

Dennis Adamo, the chief operating officer of SpaceoutVR told valuewalk.com:

“We are creating an entire world out of personal media.This is only a preview of what SpaceoutVR, Inc. has planned to make virtual reality a leading destination for viewing and experiencing personal media.”