How many stupid, inane YouTube videos cross your desk each week?  I can't even count them anymore.  But this one just cracked me up.  Take a minute and get ready to "guffaw" your head off




Doesn't it amaze you what dogs react to?  If you give our dog a whiffle golf ball, he will stop whatever he's doing (which is usually not much) and follow it around our house as if possessed by it.  Absolutely love it!  And he's scared of literally NOTHING.  Vacuum cleaner?  Doesn't even flinch, and he's 1/50 the size!   Thunder?  He'll still run out and go to the bathroom as if it's a sunny day.

Now the dog you're about to see is just a little more squeamish and he's HUGE.  Proving once again that size DOESN'T matter.


Funny stuff, huh?  What does your dog do?  Let me rephrase that.. What is YOUR dog afraid of?  Would love to know.  Have a great weekend!