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About Anthology Studio

Anthology Studio is “Not your average florist.” We are a mix of art, design, creativity and exemplary customer service. Anthology Studio is designer operated from top to bottom to ensure the best at every step. Our network of worldwide flower markets ensures that we can get the best quality flowers to make just the right statement. Call the studio to find out what fresh and unique flowers we have in our cooler.

For a wedding that truly stands out from the rest, you will want the design team at Anthology Studio. Our process begins by getting to know you, what you like and what sets you apart. We design to create an entire experience. Design is a process, not a product and we take great pride in our process. Every detail passionately created for the moment that takes your breath away.

The design team at Anthology Studio can also help you with other extravagant celebrations. From a small dinner party, to a baby shower, or Gala Event, we will be there to make sure that you have the best of everything. Our team can also help you compliment your work space and send a stunning bouquet of flowers to your most valuable clients.