15% of divorce cite video games as a major factor? That's crazy. It also mentioned that the two main contributors were "World of Warcraft" and "Call of Duty". I saw this statistic the other day and I must admit, I was a little shocked at first. That number seemed to be a bit high to me.  So I thought I'd come on here and write a funny blog about it clearly, not being the real reason for divorce. You know, "Maybe your husband would rather be playing a video game because you let yourself go."  I thought those kinds of insensitive male type responses might be funny. (Hoping of course that most would know I'm kidding.)

Then I did a little background research on this "relationship killer". And what I found just wasn't funny. I came across this blog at, Sciencebuzz.org and when I started reading the comments from it's readers, it got more and more depressing and outrageous. You can look at them yourself , there are three years worth of comments. I will post a couple of them here though so you can get an idea of the severity of the problem.

One woman says, "My relationship ended after 2 years because of my ex-fiances addiction to world of warcraft. He started playing the whole day and night ... What made me sick was he would treat the characters on the game better than me ... He lost a good job because of his addiction and he started to be dishonest about things in our relationship. He would make me cry by saying mean things to me and he told me that "w.o.w." is his other girlfriend...he spent more time on that game than with me."

Another writes, "I have no advice for you, however, I know exactly what you are going through. Mu husband is addicted ... It hasn't gotten to the extreme of him quitting his job to play, however, every second he is not at work he is on the game. We never do anything together because there is always some important reason he has to play that particular night. He doesn't understand why it bothers me so much and is threatening divorce because he says I nag him too much. He never cleans the house, cooks dinner, etc.... and he's gone from being a wonderful father to our three year to a mediocre one."

They go on and on and on like this. It became quite clear to me that this is indeed a big problem. And even more so it hit home for me. As I read I was getting angrier and angrier at these loser husbands and fathers. How could they possibly be spending all of this time on their video games? Do they not have a job, a house to care for, kids to raise? Where is their sense of fairness and responsibility?

Seriously! I am livid that these guys are "living" in these games, because this is why I find it so hard to get high score consistently on "Call of Duty". How is this fair play? Guys, lets even out the playing field a little. You keep playing that long and the rest of us just can't catch up. Until we can all get out of all other responsibilities and commitments, you have to slow down a little. It's only fair.

I want to write more but really, I am so upset that these guys get to "level up" so much quicker and enjoy the perks of being higher in rank than me, that I have got to get home and put some quality time into my game. I will only have so much time till my stupid wife and kids get home. Grrrr.

God Bless.