It's just a little town in Saratoga County. There are only about 600 residents. Does that qualify you to get your own town theme song? ABSOLUTELY. In fact, this town is getting a web-only version with extra lyrics for no extra charge, 'cuz I'm that kinda guy.


According to Wikipedia,  the town is known as "Victory", however:

The village has also been called "Victory Mills," likely owing its name to the large (now defunct) factory/mill (Saratoga Victory Manufacturing Company, 1846) centrally located on the primary road through town, Gates Avenue.

But then again, I have my own wikipedia - his name is Brian Baker.  Thanks to him for providing a lot of information for the song you are about to hear.   Thanks also to Loni Foote for sending in a lot of info from her childhood memories of the area.  Very cool.   Ok, folks- here's your song.  Enjoy!

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Victory Mills

(c) 2012 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved


If you’ve got some time then mosey on down

to town inside of another little town

it’s the town in the town of Schuylerville

An awesome little place called Victory Mills


There was a swimming hole back in the day

where the swimmers threw their clothes away

it was a real good place to take a trip

Hey it’s your turn and skinny dip


Victory Mills Near Smithville where you could go sleighriding down the hills

People loved Bob Myers Store  but Bob Myers store is no more

(You mean Danny and John’s Store? - Browns General?)


Round Xmas time you’d be in luck

and find Santa on the back of a firetruck

And you wanna know what that fat guy did

he’d throw out candy to the kids


Today they do the best they can

got a small post office, no mailman

known for their awesome fire department

really really into community involvement


victory mills where it’s finger licking

to taste their summertime BBQ chicken

chicken’s awesome so I’m told

real big seller during superbowl


(web only verse)---------------------------------

They have a national monument! (are you sure)

Yes, it stands for the revolutionary war

Come on, get with it -don’t you remember?

That’s the place where the British surrendered


They have a national park that’s really really good

It’s also known as the Victory Woods

You can start a campfire, catch bullheads

They’re not ashamed to be called rednecks


Victory Mills, it’s really really small

600 people, that’s all

There’s an old mill there, and they say

That they’re gonna put condos there one day

----------(end web only verse)------------------------

Now I don’t know if they have a pub

but there’s always the fish creek road and gun club


Now Victory Mills your an institution.

and now you’re facing dissolution

Just k eep the faith and you will see

why they call you VICTORY


That’s why we’re saluting you today

I’m Rhymin’ Richie from ‘GNA


Hope you enjoyed hearing your town all rhymed up.  If you have another suggestion for a town for me to work on, please leave your comments below.  Thanks for listening.