As a lifelong fan of sports I've seen athletes be jerks and I've seen them be hero's, on Wednesday Victor Cruz became a hero in my eyes. No one asked him to put his family in the car and drive to Newtown Connecticut for 6 year old Jack Pinto's funeral but that's exactly what he did.

Jack Pinto was laid to rest Wednesday far too early in his young life and nothing any of us can do will change that but knowing his hero cared enough to be there is something. Every Sunday Jack wore his number 80 Cruz jersey and he was such a fan his parents even laid him to rest in it.

I tell my daughter "I don't look up to these people because they can run fast or jump high. I just enjoy watching them use their talents. That doesn't mean I should look up to them." I finally get to show her someone I do want to be like. Victor Cruz wasn't the target of a twitter campaign and to my knowledge no one said "Hey you know what you should do..." he just did what he felt was right. Starting with writing Jack's name on his cleats and gloves during Sunday's game, then Wednesday he came to Jack's services.

Cruz not only paid his respects to Jack and his family but he took time to spread some cheer to the neighborhood kids. Cruz signed autographs and even played a little Madden with the kids.

At 26 years old and only 3 years in the NFL Cruz has become the example I will use when I tell my daughter how stars SHOULD carry themselves. God Bless all touched by the tragedy in Newton Connecticut.