Now here's an idea that's ripe for the next edition of Shark Tank.  It's a new service popping up called InstaVet. Brilliant!

How many times do you find your dog or cat sick at the most inopportune moment? You're too busy at work to take time out to drive to the vets, or their hours aren't your hours?

Well let's bring back the old school doctor that makes house calls.  According to the article at, there's now InstaVet. visiting the InstaVet website, or by just calling or texting (the number is 917-525-2579), you can schedule a house call from a licensed veterinarian (but you have to live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island/The Hamptons and Westchester at the time of this writing.




Hey!  Don't think it's so crazy an idea.  Look at how well these home delivery services are working with grocery stores.  How about UBER?

And speaking of UBER, Mr. Kruger wants to start a pet taxi service too!  Hey, in this hectic world we live in, I don't think he's off the mark at all, do you?

Would you use the service if it was cost effective enough? Right now it $199 for an appointment!  Again, the service is only available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island/The Hamptons and Westchester right now.  I think they're more accustomed to higher ticket prices than we are, but who knows?  You might see it up her e someday!  I think the guy's barking up the right tree.  (Hey, we'd cough up the bucks for this guy -how could you not?)

photo by Richie