A Rotterdam man has been arraigned by the Rotterdam Police Department, after allegedly scheming some residents of the town out of more than $8,000.

In a story that I saw on News 10 ABC, Patrick Walsh, who also went by several false names, including Pat Ferraro and Pat Love, went to several people and allegedly conned money from the, for numerous different things.

One was for repossession licenses. Another was trying to sell used cars for deeply discounted prices, claiming that they were repossessed vehicles. He also allegedly tried to sell a washer and drier to someone, and claimed that his uncle owned a discount appliance store. Walsh never came through with any of the transactions.

Walsh now has a felony, charged with Grand Larceny, and a misdemeanor for Scheme To Defraud second degree. Walsh also has a previous arrest record for allegedly selling kitchen equipment and taking $10,000 for the sale.

There’s still an ongoing investigation. Rotterdam Police would like to know if anyone has more information about Walsh and his alleged schemes. They can be contacted at 518-355-7397.