This is so cool.  I had the chance to visit Mrs. Bennett's kindergarten class at Van Schaick Elementary in Cohoes.  Coincidentally, Mrs. Bennett is the teacher's name.  MY kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Bennett too (but that was 57 years ago)  LOL  Be that as it may, here is the kids' song!

It's so amazing when you work with kids this young.  You would think that they might be a little bit TOO young to compose a song (hello?  They can't even READ yet!).  But somehow, some way they pulled everything together in a very short time to boot. I even had a chance to interview some of the kids who's costumes never made it into the song because we had a tough time rhyming them.

Take a listen to these very cute, very creative kids as they tell you what costumes they will be wearing when they trick or treat this year.

Thanks again, Mrs. Bennett for having me in! And say hi to the kids for me !!