All the songs that we play on GNA tell a story. Almost every song tells a story, unless it’s an instrumental song (music without lyrics).

One thing I’ve done, ever since I was a little kid, was to make a story out of the song titles. You can call it a story out of stories. It requires a little thinking, since the titles may not seem like they would go together.

This would be a pretty cool game that you could play with your kids, or play at a party. You could use the GNA playlist as a guide.

Here’s an example using five songs: I was listening to a Tim McGraw song as I was sitting in my house in Albany, where I come from. I just returned from a trip but one of my suit cases was missing at the baggage claim at the airport. The suitcase had a  picture of my dog in it, but I had to hurry home, because I still had a lot of leavin’ left to do.

You could even try to make a theme of a story using songs about one subject like first names or places. What songs can you put together to make a story?