The United States Postal Service likes to boast about how it will deliver your mail through rain, sleet, snow, fire and other conditions. However, weekends will not be one of the conditions that they will bear anymore, as they have decided to stop delivering mail on Saturdays.

Starting in August, the cost cutting plan will go into effect, one which will save over $2 billion per year. Packages will still be delivered on Saturdays, but letters, such as your bills or other important documents, will not be unless they are going to a PO Box, which will still be delivered to on Saturdays.

For many elderly citizens, the mail carrier is their only human contact during the day. The Post Office really plays a big role in our society - Esquire had a great article about this and we learned a great deal about the Post Office that we previously didn't know. For example, it costs the taxpayers nothing. Check out that piece after you take our poll.