If you know me, you know I am a big fan of NBC's "The Voice." I have loved the concept from the beginning and the the talent they find to compete is just beyond compare.

Lately we have been lucky enough to see talented young people from our very own area do extremely well on the show including Sawyer Fredericks, who actually WON! Now there is another "local" contestant on the show by the name of Ryan Quinn and he is from just up the thruway around Utica.

Besides being just a few thruway exits away from each other, these guys also have something else in common: they have amazing talent. Will Ryan pull off another win for the people of Upstate NY? That remains to be seen, but he sure has a chance.

Bethany and I were lucky enough to talk to him today on the show and wish him luck and we, of course, will be sharing his progress on the show, as well as having one or two other guests on as the next few weeks go by. Make sure you are tuned in and rooting for Ryan right along with us.

If you missed our call with him today, here is another chance to listen.