Go figure, naysayers.  Once again, the folks from Cupertino, California have the last laugh. 

Absolutely amazing, isn't it?  According to HuffingtonPost.com, the highly anticipated (?) Apple Watch went on pre-sale on April 10th at 12:01am.  They were all gone in 6 hours.  Now mind you - ALL the variations were gone, not just the cheap one.

Now I have a friend/bowling team member/fellow geek - Lisa Berkowitz Cerasano. We talk  Apple all the time ( the other team members get annoyed that we're not focusing on the pins, but that's another story)

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

I think we both had similar predictions about this little gadget, and some of the professional reviewers jived with us.

Both of us remarked that it's a fun thing to have and potentially a fascinating piece of technology, but we couldn't  justify shelling out even $350.00 for the sport model, and wonder how anyone else could except for the moderately to extremely affluent.

Well, Lisa - we'll have to go out to dinner soon, order a plate full of our words, and proceed to eat them.

Anyone majoring in marketing need only to study this company.  It's a master class all in one place.  Congrats to Tim Cook and his wonderful staff of thousands…