It was announced today by UAlbany President  George Phillip that there will be no Fountain Day on the University campus this year.  Fountain Day is where Thousands of students as well as faculty and staff get together to ring in the coming of spring and turn on the main campus fountain.

This announcement comes to no real surprise after many UAlbany students were arrested after engaging in very destructive behavior during the annual Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Mr. Phillip had this to say in an email sent to students earlier today:

"I regret that this action will punish students who had no role in the disturbing events of March 12. But the need to proactively respond and to uphold our reputation has never been greater."

''While Fountain Day continues to be a source of school pride, there remains a contingent of students who use this day as an excuse to promote excessive alcohol consumption that compromises everyone's safety."

It is certainly sad that a few Stupid (and I'm being nice with that word) people had to help ruin a fun annual tradition because of their actions. But I agree with this decision, you don't reward stupidity with more fun! You put the hammer down and teach everyone that this is what happens when you engage in dangerous behavior. I applaud President Phillip!

So what do you think of this decision? Do you agree with it?