This come straight from the "What will they think of next?" department. . It's part ingenious, part bizarre.  You have to see this to believe it. In fact, read this whole blog in case you think this isn'r actually for real!

God forbid you don't have a place to text, email, tweet, or Facebook someone at any given second, right?   This is so strange.  Or very convenient.  I can't decide.  I'll let you be the judge of this.  The Cicret Bracelet gives you the opportunity to have a mini tablet projected right onto your arm so you can do all of these things.  It's a little bracelet that you wear just like you would an activity tracker and beams the screen image right onto you!

There is something SO "star trekkie" about this.  It's definitely right out of their playbook.  I'm wondering what Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank would away about this invention.  I'll let you take a look here and let me know where you stand.

Would you use something like this?  Would you feel confident sitting right next to someone  at the airport typing away?  How do you do this in the winter with long sleeve shirts on?  Hmmm… These things keep me up at night.  I'd like to know your take.  I'm still scratching my head.  The jury's out on this one for me.


I guess the jury HAS reached it's decision.  The product doesn't exist!  It's not even a prototype!  I found this article right at the last moment from iBusiness.  The way I read it, it's not actually a fake.  Some developers had a vision but couldn't reach their funding goal on Kickstarter.  I'm glad I kept investigating this because I ALMOST fell for it.  You?