This is downright sickening. Marion County Indiana Prosecutor Terry Curry said two women who are believed to not even being at the Indiana State Fair on the nigh of the Sugarland stage collapse tried to collect $22,500 in damages.

25 year old Stephanie Murry and 38 year old Sandra Hurn claimed to be injured in the collapse which killed seven people and injured 58 others. Hurn actually succeeded to some degree in cashing in illegally on the misfortune of real victims and had already pocketed $7,800.

In a sting operation officials overseeing the funds of the victims agreed to approve both women's requests and police were waiting to arrest them when they showed up to get their checks. If found guilty Hurn will be looking at a 36 year sentence, and Murray will be facing a sentence of 14 years.

I hope they both get the max! How does this story make you feel. Let us know.