If you missed Pet Connection Thursday on the Sean and Richie Show, here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption. Let's take a look at the pets featured today. Tune in every Thursday at 7:50am to hear the stories of two incredible (and adoptable!) pets.


Pet Connection

Francesca: In April of this year she was a tiny kitten when her foster Mom noticed that she seemed to be having occasional difficulties breathing—gasping for breath. The vet found she had a heart problem that might be controlled through surgery; After several fundraisers, enough money was raised for Francesca’s surgery in May. It was successful. Prior to surgery she was only 5 pounds,at her last checkup,she had doubled her weight. Her foster Mom notes that she looks great. She is also very sweet and loving. While Francesca will always be on medication, her foster mom says she takes her medication very easily and it’s inexpensive.

We were hoping that people would step forward to adopt her since the public was so supportive of her surgery. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case,after almost 7 months.


Pet Connection

Ainsley: WAS a filthy,emaciated cat had that appeared in an elderly gentleman’s yard, literally dragging herself to what she hoped would be her refuge. Luckily, Ainsley chose well. The gentleman and his aide,afraid Ainsley wouldn't survive, brought her to the vet. An exam revealed why she was unable to walk—a broken back. Based on the break’s location, the vet concluded someone hit her—repeatedly—with a bat. Ainsley’s good Samaritans agreed to pay for her care, knowing it would be expensive.

AnimaLovers agreed to take her in when the vet released her. After two weeks in the hospital, Ainsley went to foster care, where she was pampered as she healed and gained strength.

She now shows no lasting effects of her trauma, other than an understandable shyness around new people. Today, Ainsley is affectionate and talkative, with a deep affinity for her foster dad and windowsills, and looking for a home where she’ll never be neglected or abused again.

If you can offer the love that either of these beautiful cats need and deserve, please contact AnimaLovers at 448-5468.