It was a busy Sunday morning in Gloversville yesterday as tow house fires started within hours of each other.

The first fire started on Monroe Street just past 7 am.  This fire started at a garage and was quickly contained by the Gloversville Police Department. There were no injuries.

Just a couple of hours later, just past 9 am, firefighters were called to the second fire on Helwig Street, just one mile away from the first fire.  Neighbors saw the fire starting in at attic and they alerted the residents to evacuate the home.  This fire was also contained quickly and no injuries were reported.

Blind Grasshopper, flickr

Both fires are under investigation, and the Red Cross was on the scene to assist the family involved.

We thank the Gloversville Fire Department for their hard work Sunday!

As more information is released on the cause of the two fires and whether or not they are connected, we will update you.