Dogs have a way of working their way into the hearts of their human owners and becoming members of the family.  But what happens when two dogs fall in love?  Well, if you’re the two Yorkshire Terriers in this video – you have a dog wedding complete with other dog guests and a wedding party.

The dogs even enjoyed a little wedding cake at the end of the ceremony.  I wonder what the rate of divorce for dog marriage is?

I've done weddings for over 25 years.  I'm wondering if I could offer a DJ service for animals.   I could open with "Who Let The Dogs Out?" (bad idea, they might run away).

The first dance could be something from Snoop Dog, - I could do an oldie from the "Pet Shop Boys".  (Ok, Richie, you're digging deep here.)

But wasn't that cute?  Would you spoil your pet this way?  Would love to know!