Two arrests have been made in a murder case that happened in Troy, 17-years ago.  34-year old Scott Chaplin and 42-year old George Mott III were arraigned in Rensselaer County Court this morning.  The two men are charged in the second-degree murder of Rosemary Ellsworth Crosier.

Crosier was 47-years of age when she was brutally beaten the morning of March 24, 1994.  She worked part-time for the Record newspaper in Troy, but also worked an overnight shift as a counselor for an Association of Retarded Persons Care group home.  Chaplin, supposedly at the time (who was 18-years old) was having a romantic relationship with Crosier.

Forensic science enabled police and special prosecutor, Robert Becher, to charge the two Troy men this week.  According to the Times Union, "a roll of paper towels with a bite mark was found and a preliminary investigation allegedly traced the mark to Chaplin."  Becher stated, "there was some stuff that was never tested before, and the technology is now much more advanced."

While Crosier's husband passed away in 2009, it would nice for any remaining family and friends to finally have closure to this terrible deed that could have gone unpunished.  My question is how do these men live with themselves each and every day?  If they did murder this woman, have they remained friends all these years because they share such a deep, dark secret?