UPDATE [9:45pm, 9/10/12], According to DOT, lane closures and delays continue on Monday Night with on-going unexpected construction on the Twin Bridges.  The construction was supposed to be finished by the morning commute, but problems have caused it to be closed most all day and night.  YNN reports that this should not be an issue next Monday, when construction resumes Friday night.

[6pm, 9/10/12], According to DOT, the right lane is now closed from Exit 7 to 8 Northbound on I-87 over the Twin Bridges.  All three lanes were briefly open for a while before construction issues caused another lane closure.

[12:20pm, 9/10/12], According to DOT, I-87 N from Exit 7 to 8, the left lane is now open, right 2 lanes remain closed due to roadwork until further notice.

[Noon, 9/10/12]: According to DOT, Exits 7-8, Northbound on the Northway (I-87) will remained closed until further notice.

[10:18am] Monday morning's traffic was severley slowed down thanks to construction delays on the Twin Bridges. The Northbound lanes of the Northway (I-87) were closed for Monday morning drive time traffic, making many people late for work.

As of 10:18am, September 10, 2012 the Northbound lanes remained closed on I-87 at exit 7, with DOT hoping to have them re-opened by Noon.  Learn more from YNN.

The weekend construction project on the Twin Bridges is expected to last through the end of October.

Were you late for work?  (At least you had a good excuse)